Stainless Steel Foil for Heat Treatment

  • Tool Wrap - Precision Brand Products, Inc.

    Tool Wrap is a Stainless Steel .002 thick foil. The tool, die or part to be heat treated is placed in an envelope formed by folding a sheet of Tool Wrap in half and

  • Keith Company | Heat Treat Foil

    Stainless steel foil tool wrap protects air-hardening tool steel parts from scale and oxide buildup during heat treating in ordinary furnaces. By using foil tool wrap

  • Amazon: Type 321 Stainless Steel Tool Wrap | Heat Treat Foil

    Amazon: Type 321 Stainless Steel Tool Wrap | Heat Treat Foil 24" x .002" x 50': Industrial & Scientific.

  • Stainless Steel Tool Wrap, Foil Tool Wrap - All Foils, Inc.

    Visit All Foils online today for Stainless Steel Tool Wrap to match your unique Heat treat foil tool wrap is used for the surface protection of tools, dies and parts


    Prevents Damaging Scale In Non-Atmosphere Control Furnaces. For scale-free, furnace heat treating of tool steel without an atmosphere-controlled furnace.

  • Stainless Steel Heat Treating Foil to avoid Surface Reactions

    Single parts requiring protection against decarburizing can be wrapped in a stainless steel heat treating foil off the roll or packed in prepared envelopes or bags.

  • Heat Treat Foil (Tool Wrap) 309 .002"x24"x25' up to 2240F

    12 Mar 2014 Heat Treat SS Foil. type 309; commonly called Tool Wrap .002"x24"x25'; For use up to 2240F degrees; All-Foils quality Stainless Steel

  • Tool Wrap - Maudlin Products

    Stainless Steel Tool Wrap is used when heat treating tooling. The tooling is wrapped in the foil with the edges crimped to form an envelope. This will create an

  • Stainless Steel Tool Wrap Advantages | Comet Metals

    11 Jan 2016 But that's exactly what they're doing if they are not taking precautions during the heat treating process. Stainless steel tool wrap provides a

  • Knifemaking: Foil heat treat packets - YouTube

    13 Nov 2013 Get Hard: Heat Treating a Knife with Charcoal - Duration: 15:10. Walter Sorrells 192,600 views · 15:10. Heat Treating D2 Steel for the first time

  • KF309 2200 ?° Type 309 Heat Treating Foil - Jantz Supply

    Use only once. Cuts easily with scissors. Type 309, annealed stainless steel has a maximum temperature of 2200? Fahrenheit. Sold in box of .002" x 12" x 25'.

  • Travers Tool - Tool Wrap - YouTube

    23 Nov 2010 No special atmosphere controls needed. Saves time, allows in house heat treating. Wrap tool in foil and heat treat in usual manner. SKU#s

  • Heat treating CPM154 CM without using SS foil #1 - YouTube

    25 Nov 2013 Heat treating CPM 154 CM without foil. Heat treating CPM154 CM without using SS foil #1. Jim McGuinn. Loading Unsubscribe from Jim


    foil should be double crimped, being careful to avoid hav- ing even a pin hole in the wrap. AISI 0-1 TOOL STEEL HEAT TREAT PROCEDURE. (AISI 0-6 ALSO).

  • The Effect of Heat Treatment Atmosphere on Hardening of Surface

    The stainless steel foil wrapping around the sample and heat treatment in a vacuum furnace could restrict the decarburization process, while pack carburization

  • BRISA Heat Treating Foil - Knife steel - BRISA Knife Supplies

    Ticronic? is the foil brand that professionals use when heat treating their knife blades. It is designed to leave a blade nearly scale free when used in the heat

  • Stainless Steel Foil 304 309 321 Machine Tool Wrap Protection

    Resistant to corrosion and staining. Used to protect machine tools during heat treatment operations. Stainless steel foil rolls are .002" thick by 24" wide. The roll

  • Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool - ResearchGate

    The Recipe for Heat Treating D2 Tool Steel.29. Chapter 6 doing this, the thermocouple may be used along with stainless steel foil protection. This will

  • Heat Treat Supplies - Texas Knifemaker's Supply

    Products 1 - 11 of 11 Heat Treating Safety Glasses, HTSG, Heat Treating Safety Glasses, $29.95. Stainless Steel Foil Wrap 10 Ft. FOIL2, Stainless Steel Foil

  • Stainless Steel Foil - Aluminum Foils

    Harry Brearley is given credit by most for the invention of stainless steel. French . All Foils, Inc. also stocks annealed stainless steel tool wrap for heat treating.

  • Chemical removal of heat treating scale and oxides -- steel parts

    Q. Looking for suggestions on removing heat treating scale from carbon steel parts prior to H-13 got scale during heat treatment despite stainless foil wrap.

  • Sample Pages William E. Bryson Heat Treatment Master Control

    2.13 How Did They Heat-Treat Steel in a Forge without Temperature Controls? . 8.5 Precipitation-Hardening Stainless . . 12.2 Stainless Steel Foil .

  • Decarburisation of steel

    Steel is incredibly versatile because it can be heat-treated in order to produce a . the component in stainless steel foil, or by painting with an isolating paint.

  • How about that heat treat spray? - The Knife Network Forums

    He may be using Turco Pre-Treat, a spray on coating used in heat treating. If it does, it will be far cheaper to use then stainless steel foil that is

  • Heat Treating & Coloring - Nichols Damascus Steel


  • Heat Treating Q and A - anvilfire

    Heat treating basics. Q and A on My question is about heat treating - hardening and tempering. Another good method is to use stainless steel foil. The part is

  • Effect of heat-treatment of manganese oxide deposited on stainless

    1 Mar 2017 Manganese oxide was deposited on the surface of stainless steel (SS) foil current collector (CC) using a simple immersion method followed by

  • Heat Treating Supplies - Canadian Knifemaker Supply

    309 Stainless Foil Wrap 20" x 5'. Stainless foil is used to protect blades from decarborization. It is generally available in 2 grades. 309 is the superior product.

  • Foil Wrap, Contactors, Latches & Bolts | Lucifer Furnaces

    Heat treat foil (stainless steel foil wrap) protects parts when heating (hardening) in air atmosphere. By wrapping in foil, parts are protected from decarburization

  • Evaluation of carbon diffusion in heat treatment of H13 tool steel

    The results showed that stainless steel foil wrapping could restrict decarburization process, resulting in a constant hardness profile as vacuum heat treatment

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